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Women of Destiny fosters a warm, comfortable environment where women can develop friendships as they mature in their faith and grow as women of God. Our bible studies, fellowships, and outings are designed to meet the needs of women of all ages and life stages. You will be able to meet other ladies who are where you are, have been where you’ve been, and are going where you have gone. And what does that create? A connection. A friendly face in what can be a hostile world. Someone who can relate to you and what you are experiencing. Someone who can offer a biblical answer to your dilemma. Someone who can bring a message of joy and hope from the other side of the fire.

Upcoming Events

Join us for “Stretch Marks” on May 13th!

The Bible is replete with stories of bodies being stretched—hands and arms—people all being stretched beyond what they knew so that they could truly know HIM. Stretched beyond their own ability so they could know that HE IS ABLE. It’s only when you stretch beyond what you thought was possible that you discover strength you never knew!

Come out to our STRETCH MARKS Women’s Event and learn more about the birthing story of FAITH on Saturday, May 13th @ 10am.

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