Destiny Couples

Our couple’s ministry fosters an environment where couples can learn how to honor Christ in their marriage and meet others to help them along their journey. Our events and outings are designed to meet the needs of couples of all ages and life stages. 

Event for couples April 29th at 7:30pm CST

Upcoming Events

I Second That Emotion

A match made in Heaven! That’s the desire of most for their relationship, however, most don’t
experience that! I Second That Emotion will be a night dedicated to assessing and addressing the
needs of your significant other. You and your mate are unique, so you need a unique love strategy for
one another. This fun night of learning promises to enlighten you to your significant other’s E-motions!
Wouldn’t it be great if your significant other affirmed your emotions, in other words, if they, Second
That Emotion? Use the form below to let us know you’re coming!

*This event is in-person only*