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The current milieu we live in is uncertain, fragile, and vacillating. There’s no such thing as making a leadership decision and sticking with it in this COVID environment. Flexibility, adaptability, and ingenuity are required. In light of decreased attendance and increased COVID numbers, we will move to one service at 9am with Destiny Kids, Journey Youth and Adults worshipping at the same time. For the month of January, we will stick with this schedule unless statistics demand we shift our strategy to better serve you.

We welcome your exchange of perspectives, ideas and recommendations. Download the full letter here

Christmas Service

At the onset of a new year, we focus on helping you elevate your commitment to Christ and increase your intimacy with Christ. This year we are going to change the format and approach in light of COVID-19 impact on our spiritual practices. We have adopted an acrostic called S.W.O.R.D. that identifies five key activities to live a vibrant Christian life.

Click HERE to learn more about our S.W.O.R.D. strategy.

New Year's Series

This Sunday, January 2, 2022, @ 7pm we will be meeting with all of our leaders and volunteers via Zoom.

Christmas Service

Worship and Pray! Find sermons we have on prayer, fasting, and Bible study here.

December Series

Decide if you are going to partake in a Biblical Fast. We recognize that everyone has different things that spur them on to righteousness, so we are not asking all to fast. It seems incongruous to reality to ask many people who have been struggling to serve Christ to make a commitment to the spiritual practice of fasting immediately; however, if you feel so compelled, we are providing a fasting guide for you to practice Biblical fasting

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