It’s time to reboot for this next year. We don’t have to go into 2023 discouraged by the past’s baggage. Let 2023 be the year where you experience God in a way you NEVER have before. Light the spark, be transformed! #destinychurchfw. Watch the replay from each day below!

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Day 1: The Product of Discipleship

Kenneth McLucas and Elder Noble Crawford start off strong with a message from Ezra 7 about The Product of Discipleship. Below are notes so you can follow along.


Three main takeaways from Ezra 7:10

STUDY the law of the Lord

Why Study? Ezra understood who the author was, as it is the King of creation, the divine Ruler of the universe. For this reason, he understood the importance of knowing God’s word.

OBEY the law of the Lord
Why Obey? God wants his Word to guide our decisions. He wants it to be the outline for our lives. “Knowing God’s word is not enough; we must apply it to our lives to gather its full effect.” – Dr. Tony Evans

TEACH the law of the Lord
Why Teach? We must share his Word with others, so they too can study, understand, obey…replicate the process. This is how we multiply. As we rinse and repeat this process, it’s when our families, churches, and communities will then be transformed.

Day 2: The Process of Discipleship

On day 2, Rev. Brian Berry teaches us how we move people from just coming to Christ to growing in Christ and discipling others. A.K.A. The Process of Discipleship below are notes so you can follow along.


There are different contexts, but we have a model of discipleship from Jesus himself:

  1. The crowds: when you read about the life of Jesus you see that he ministered publicly to the mass
    of people that came from all over Galilee and Judea
  2.  The congregation: within the crowds, Jesus taught a group of committed followers that by the
    end of his ministry numbered to about 120
  3. The community: within the large group of followers, there were 12 disciples that received more
    spiritual depth about his purposes and the kingdom
  4. The core: within the 12 disciples, there was a smaller cell (Peter, James, and John) where Jesus
    revealed himself and his purposes even further

How This looks @ Destiny

If we overlay this model on the structure that we already have here at the Destiny Church, this is what it
looks like:

  • The congregation would be our gathered church that comes to our weekly worship
    • this is where we get fed the Word on Sundays and Wednesdays, where we worship
      together, and rub shoulders with other Christians
    • But there’s not much opportunity for deep relationship in this setting
    • if you’re only getting into the Word once a week when Pastor teaches it to us,
      that’s a great start, but you’ll need more if you want to grow exponentially
  • The 12 disciples or the community would be our life groups here at Destiny.
    • The life group is a small enough group where you can build relationships, and people get
      to know your personality.
    • Here you can take the word even deeper, where you can get different
      perspectives, where you will have people going through different seasons of life.
  • Jesus’s inner circle or core, in our context, would be one-on-one discipleship.
    • Here, we can have a greater level not accountability, greater level commitment. Where
      people can ask you questions that may not work in a small group or a worship setting.
    • Once you’ve been discipled in this way, you can turn around and disciple
      someone else; this is where disciples become disciple-makers
  • The crowds: this is our local, national, and global outreach
    • This is where we serve people and meet needs but with a spiritual goal in mind
Day 3: The Practice of Discipleship

On day 3 Pastor Womack teaches on the Practice of Discipleship and walks us through how we live it out here at Destiny. You can find his notes in the 


Day 4: Promoting Discipleship

On day 4 you get to hear from various ministry leaders and learn what their ministry is and why you should serve! Watch the replay

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