Tell somebody about your decision today!  It’s important that your family, friends, and maybe the person that invited you to Destiny Church know that you’ve decided to follow Christ.  It’s also important that we know!  We would love to hear your story and give you a gift to celebrate your life-changing decision.  Also, we would love to hear how the Word of God is changing YOUR Life. Let us know below, so that we can learn about your story of transformation.

  1. Damon and Olivia Poole

    Hello Pastor Womack/Destiny Church,
    We the Poole Family( Damon, Olivia,and Ashley Poole) really enjoyed your sermon given Sunday at McKinney Memorial .
    Thanks for such a wonderful teaching well said.

  2. Hannah M morrell

    I grew up in church, my father a pastor, mother seemingly a Saint, I knew praise and prayer before I knew the alphabet but departed from God and the life he had for me, because as a young adventurous teenage girl wanted “better” and “more fun” experience in this world. And left home at 15. Through a series of bad decisions and life staking choices I had landed myself in a scary place, two kids, different dads, single mom addicted to alcohol, in trouble with the law, and running from it as fast as I was from Christ. Broken and lost in a world that was out to get me. In 2019 my little brother, 20 years old, died unexpectedly, bringing me back home both spiritually and physically. At first I was devastated and if it was possible I was digging myself even deeper in sin and shame. I was close to killing myself and having my children taken when I found out I was pregnant. I moved in with my folks and started attending church on an obligatory basis, stopped drinking and started thinking and began to feel Holy Spirit at work.. It’s been two years now, I am 28, in college, sober of mind and body and I am in full acceptance and joyful to say that Christ is Lord! I found yalls church while looking up a gospel choir to join, feel in love with the vibe and what yall are all about. Hoping one day yo join the church and maybe even sing in the choir. Thank you for being there for me, even if it is just an online presence, the presence of God is obvious.

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