Summary of Benefits

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  • Preaching & Teaching – Comprehensively showing you how God’s Word impacts your world!
  • Relationships – People that genuinely care about your spiritual health!
  • Impactful Ministries – A Church that takes your time as serious as you do!
  • Children & Youth – Preparing the next generation today!
  • Excellence in Worship & Action –  More than doing something – something worth doing!
  • Shepherding – More than a number, you are a name, a friend, a family member!
  • Evangelism – Touching people with the love and power of the Gospel!
  • Medical Assistance – Helping people be healthy in this life!
  • Education Partnership – Shaping the moral character of the young generation!
  • Racial Reconciliation – Loving and serving with the entire body of Christ!
  • Global Missions – Touching the world from Fort Worth!
  • Economic Empowerment: We will encourage and provide practical tools for members to leave an inheritance for their grandchildren.