December Series

We often talk about the grace of God when it comes to our eternal life, but we seldom talk about it regarding our financial life. In 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 God wants us to be gracious in our giving to help someone else. Over the next few weeks, we will take a unique look at grace. When you give graciously, the church can give graciously. The church cannot give more than what is given to her. Be a blessing so that we can be a blessing!

New Year's Series

In 2022 our theme will be F3: Focus, Faith, and Faithfulness. We’ll begin our year by focusing on God and what he wants us to do in 2022. When you focus the best of your life on Him, He will bring the rest of your life into focus. Begins Sunday, January 2nd! 9am/11am online and in-person.

Christmas Service

This Christmas, join us to worship and celebrate with a string group and powerful sermon! We’ll be online at 9am/11am and in-person 9am. 

Christmas Service

Celebrate the eve of our Savior entering the world on Wednesday, December 22nd! We’ll be in-person and online at 7pm CST.

New Year's Eve Service

Will you go to Homecoming with us? We’ve been online for a year and a half now, but it’s time to come back! Come back to church, come back to CONNECTION.

New Year's Series

In a world of appearances and masks, we all need a place where we can be authentic with others. Join a life group where you can form real friendships, receive real support, and grow a real faith! Go sign up for a life group NOW!

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