Loving with a Touch of Personality Master Class

Can’t we all just get along? Ready to connect better with your significant other? Do you all just happen to rub each other the wrong way without knowing why? One of the keys to a great relationship is understanding and unleashing your partner’s potential. This workshop will focus on understanding the four major behavior styles, your personal style, and how to make adjustments for the love in your life. We errantly think that it is about knowing ourselves when it is ultimately about knowing and serving the love of our lives. Loving with a touch of personality will teach you how to identify your mate’s style and intentionally make adjustments. Many of us have failed in our marriage; did you fall forward when you fell? Let’s move forward in the power of the spirit as we serve one other in love and wisdom!

  • Personalized DiSC Assessment
  • Comparison Report that Compares You and Your Boo’s Style
  • Further insights on the Core Four Styles
  • Exposure to Four additional Styles
  • Communicating and adjusting to other styles
  • Mitigating and Resolving Conflict with Other Styles

Week 1: Introduction and Going Deeper with the Core Four DiSC Styles

Week 2: Four Other Styles

Week 3: Comparing Your Styles and Adjusting to Other DiSC Styles

Week 4: Communicating with Other Styles

Week 5: Mitigating and Resolving Conflict with Other DiSC Styles

Week 6: Enjoying Life with Your Boo in Style!