Welcome to Destiny’s Youth Vision! We envision a place of encouragement and acceptance where youth are given the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, as well as academically. The youth will experience a dynamic time of worship where various mediums will be employed that are FUN, INNOVATIVE, RELEVANT, MOTIVATING, APPEALING and are designed specifically to meet them right where they are and help bring them to right where God wants them to be-in the center of HIS WILL.


Our mission is developing youth toward their divine destiny! We intend to foster an environment where students glorify God and passionately pursue Him. We will minister to our youth by exposing them to God’s love, connecting them with other believers, and equipping them in their faith to exalt God with their life.


Because growth most effectively occurs in the context of nurturing relationships in a biblical community, we will operate in a LARGE group/SMALL group format.

  • Large Groups

    • Large groups are UNIQUE and SPIRITED gatherings characterized by: lively music, biblical messages, relevant dramas, inspiring dance, interesting outings, and just plain FUN.
  • Small Groups

    • Small groups are the backbone of Destiny Youth. It is our ambition to see every believer in our ministry connected with other believers. We desire to help our youth experience life to the fullest in the midst of authentic relationships and genuine community.


Sundays @ 11:00a