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Our mission is to teach you the bible and equip you to live your best life for God! Keep reading to see what we’re up to.

What's Going On In JY?


JY is revving up for our return to in-person services! From a Hot Wing Challenge to a Gaming Tournament, TAKEOFF with us for a different challenge every Friday July 9th to August 13th! Today’s challenge is a VLOG CHALLENGE. 12PM TO 5PM CST.

  1. Build the best house you (or your team) can in Bloxburg.
  2. Then take a picture of the house. You’ll need at least 3 (three) total:
    1. One of the outside from the front.
    2. One of the outside from the back.
    3. One of the inside.
    4. Optional: Take a picture of each of the rooms.
    5. Optional: Do a video tour of the house (must be one minute or shorter).
  3. To submit:
    1. Post your photos to Instagram and tag @DestinyChurchFW and #DestinyChurchFW
    2. AND fill out this form.
  4. Once you’re finished, you (or the team) can wait to see who’s been announced the winner that following week. The winner(s) will be announced on IG and DM’d to receive the prize.

Current Series

Weeks 1 & 2 – Rebellious
A two-week series about serving.

The world can seem to operate on two basic rules: “look out for yourself” and “it’s impossible to fix everything that’s wrong in the world”. But what if a generation of teens rebelled against those “rules”? What if the simple act of finding ways to bravely serve others created a cultural revolution that countered greed and apathy? Maybe being rebellious isn’t always a bad thing.

Week 3 – Coping
A standalone talk on coping.

Teens experience stress from so many areas of life: school, relationships, and culture. They can get lost in this world of stress and feel like they are drowning. This week we’re talking about ways to cope when life feels overwhelming. This week is all about helping your student evaluate where they are at and how they can lower their stress and anxiety levels through coping in healthy ways.


Week 4 – Small Group
A stand alone talk about being a great small group.

While parents are still influential throughout the teenage years, this phase is marked by a growing influence from friends, teachers, coaches, and even celebrities they follow. That means, peer relationships matter now more than ever. We’re taking the week to chat with your students about how to be real and authentic during Small Group time so they can get the most out of this important community.


Journey Youth has a live Youtube watch party every Sunday at 12pm CST at youtube.com/destinychurchfw!