Destiny offers a variety of opportunities for adults to reach their full potential in Christ. We have developed some strategic opportunities to help you develop. The bible teaches that spiritual growth is the result of people cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit. The resultant ministries are our answer to a complex challenge-growing spiritually while facing major responsibility and limited time. We endeavor to provide a place where people are deeply committed—committed to learning together, serving together, giving together, praising together, and sharing the Gospel together.

There are many things we can do alone as individuals but growing spiritually is not one of them. It takes a team of people to accomplish our greatest spiritual dreams. The Scriptures are clear that it takes committed relationships to successfully navigate this spiritual journey.

As an active participant in Adult Ministries you will encounter:

  • Interactive Bible Study
  • Intentional Caring
  • Life-Changing Fellowship
  • Biblical Accountability
  • Service & Evangelism as a Team


In an effort to facilitate a well rounded Christian Life, we offer a variety of programming on Wednesday nights to address you in your season of life.