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  • Prayer for those going through the weather issues on the East coast.
  • Debra safe travel to DC for mentor conference. Car repair taken care of by insurance.
  • Octavian church family prayer. Wife and children prayer and for business success
  • Simone- prayer of thanks for sermon.
  • Taking boys out of cwa to Crowley isd schools and smooth transition. Husband while traveling on the road.
  • Relationship with Christ. Daughter for protection in college.
  • Thanks for nephew Davion’s procedure and success in sickle cell. Friends mom to continue to do well after being taken off life support. Prayer corporate jewels as they do their tour. And to reach the women they want to register.
  • Sharon. Thanks for her journey and her life; her husband and his health; children and salvation; manicurist and not to have chemotherapy but if so that she will be well. ; boldness to speak for God.
  • Joe prayer for father who fell and broke his arm.
  • Calvin. Waking us up this morning; pastor Womack and the word he gives; continue to be strong spiritually and head of his household. His brother to encourage him to wait on God and that God loves him.
  • LaTasha – praise for meeting with a person to help her create a class to teach on Domestic violence. Prayer for her husband; healthy babies for her family and for her to have one.
  • Mark. Acceptable prayers to God. Angels of protection for us all. Keep our minds on God.
  • Linda Harden is at Harris Downtown. Her cancer has spread. They have had the Hospice conversation

  • Latosha tests with Neurologist

  • Charlotte Drones having surgery 8-31-15

  • Tina’s mom getting second opinion after cancer surgery; brother having procedure

  • Rachel Wade’s friend James has prostrate cancer and will have surgery in October

  • Deborah for new position

  • Destiny members and others who desire to grow spiritually

  • Pastor Womack and family for protection against the attacks of Satan

  • Reverend Bogard and family for protection against the attacks of Satan


  1. Reverend Crenshaw’s mom is cancer free after 7 years

  2. Pauline McDowell is able to come to church

  3. Mark and Dee have the opportunity to start a business

  4. Tanisha for doctor being able to correctly diagnose friend’s son illness. Grandmother recovery from fall

  5. Latosha for having less medical flare ups and teaching opportunity at UTA

  6. Joe for week of encouragement

  7. Shannon/Sharon for God’s provision during months of unemployment

  8. James Jr. for successful pin removal from foot

  9. Byron on successful return to work after long lay-off as a result surgery

  10. Noble and Mae’s safe return after being away to minister to her brother

  1. Noble Crawford

    Pray for my wife Mae that God will heal her of hypertension and kidney problems.

  2. james

    The strength of our church and impact on our community.

  3. LaTasha

    Pray that God bless my husband and I with children.

  4. Evelyn Murphy

    Thank God for your commitment and your faithfulness, Pastor Womack. Thank you for sharing your prayers and your wisdom on a weekly basis. I’m a regular who believes in the power of prayer. Simone Allen is like a daughter to me. She, her 4 children and I war together in prayer on a weekly basis. I thank God for the Allen troop. I thank God for Destiny Church and again for you, Pastor Womack.

    Prayer requests:
    1. Morgan Murphy (age 12), anointed, gifted, granddaughter who testified, “God delivered me from ADHD”. That she will face every one of her challenges with resurrection power; that she will do well in her transition from Elementary to Middle School. Please pray that Morgan will walk by faith and not in fear; that perfect love will cast out all of her fears. Pray for her mom (my daughter), Charhanda, and her siblings (Bree and Logan).
    2. My son (Tore’ Murphy) and my daughter (Cashay Murphy) that both of them will stop smoking and walk in holiness.
    3. My daughter (Cashay Murphy) who moved back home while she gets back on her feet. I believe that God is enlarging her territory, I believe His Hand is upon her and that He is enlarging her territory. I pray for her protection, that God will keep Cashay from evil.
    Her ex boyfriend (Eric Robinson, they have a 2 year old son together) is unsaved and wears the title well. Although they are no longer a couple, Eric stalks my daughter. When he sees her around any other male he vandalizes her brand new car. He smashed her door by kicking it in a couple of weeks ago. Last night he flattened her tires (the car was parked in my yard). Eric drove by my house and stopped to confront Cashay’s date who was sitting in his car waiting on her. Eric comes into my living room and starts to argue with Cashay. I make him leave. Later on Cashay discovers her tire has been cut.
    3. Pray for my nephew, Daryl Whitsett, who is incarcerated.
    4. That the people of God will humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, turn from our wicked ways; that we will get on one accord and lift up a standard against the principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world.

  5. Rachel Wade

    Thank You All “Destiny Church Family” I stumbled across your Prayer Line Notification Posted by Pastor Womack Himself about 2 to 3 months ago and I have been calling in every since. I am here in Detroit, MI. and I feel like I am right there in Texas with you all. Destiny Church has one of the best Prayer lines ever and I am so grateful and thankful to be a part of it.

    Prayerfully yours,

    Rachel W.

  6. Rachel Wade

    Please continue to keep my friend James H., lifted in prayer his prostate surgery has been rescheduled for Dec. 2015. Please Keep my Grandson King James lifted in prayer in spite of him being born with no brain that he continue to develop and grow to be that miracle he is now. Please continue to keep me lifted in prayer that I continue to walk in the direction of The LORD’S Will and that I be patience and wait on HIM to tell me the next move. Also please keep my family lifted in prayer…Thank You Destiny Family!!!

    Rachel W.

  7. Harmony

    Please pray for:
    Physical healing for us chaplains.
    Give inmates hope, peace, forgiveness, and God’s peace.
    Just find a new church, get involved, and be light where they moved.
    Thanks, God bless

  8. Lecresha Simpson

    Pray for my family. My paternal grandma recently passed away and my maternal grandma is in ICU

  9. I am struggling with I forgiveness. I have forgiven with my words but my heart still harbors I forgiveness. I am studying Gods word on forgiveness to wash in the word that my mind may change my heart. I desire prayer to help me forgive that I may also be forgiven and walk blameless before God.

  10. Patrice Victor

    7″Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 9 Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? 11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!
    Matthew 7:7-11 NASB

    I am on the Prayer Line almost every weekday morning but I usually don’t say anything. Here I am asking you to pray with me for
    *my daughter, Naomi, (age 15) struggles with depression & school. [Lord, I pray for Naomi to have a heart to follow You. Work in her so that she will be continually drawn toward you.]
    *my extended family (grief, protection, health and spiritual growth)
    *myself – spiritual growth and discipline, endurance, parenting, new home, finances, future husband,
    *Destiny Prayer Line friends, Destiny Pastors & church families, and churches in general
    *Earnest petitions for others who are lost, hurting, and/or hard-hearted

    Thank you for your prayers.

  11. Michael Patterson

    Please pray for the Lord to rescue me from a terrible situation I find myself in and for God’s protection over me and my family members. We definitely need your prayers, they will be such a blessing and great encouragement for us. – via Facebook messages

  12. Briana Wade

    I ask that the Lord help me implement his will during current hospital stay. That he guides the directions of my doctors who trying to discover what changes are taking place with my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis . Allowing each of us to bow the Father’s will and be respectful of aware of each others positions in regards to my health. Lastly, I ask pain and fear to stop ruling my life.

  13. Tanisha Cunningham

    Need prayer for
    My family
    Our Jobs
    Our Finances
    My Marriage

  14. George Harrison Jr

    Please pray for my family, the enemy is attacking and my soul is tired. I ask for Gods unmerited favor of Grace on my family, and marriage. I know there is no testimony without a test. I know God corrects those he loves, I know greater is he that is in me. But in the storm, I see Jesus and yet I am still sinking. I have made my request known to God, by prayer supplication and with thanksgiving, but I cannot obtain his peace. I ask my family be lifted up, I ask my marriage be lifted up. Thank you Destiny family!

  15. Candace Murrell

    Prayer for job opportunities and housing, transportation here in Texas. God will strengthen relationship with Christ.
    Prayer to connect and fellowship with others. I have just moved here from another state.

  16. Adrianna Thomas

    Pray against satanic attacks of drugs coming into lives.
    Pray for love and peace in our world.
    Pray for all leaders in every position.

  17. Scott Adams

    Please pray for my mom. She is having heart problems. Please pray that the Lord will heal her completely.

    Thank you so much.

  18. Reggie

    Please pray for Reginald Yaites

  19. Adrianna Thomas

    Pray for my friend Candy. Doctors report say Cancer.
    Jesus reports says I am
    Healer, Healer, Healer
    Pray with me for Candy and her family,

  20. Carol

    Please pray for me as I under go an operation today. Thank you.

  21. Flame

    Please pray for my children to have their own encounter with God. My husband and I can only teach and demonstrate so much in our daily lives. I can sense voids in their lives that we are not meant to fill. They need more of God and less of every unpositive thing that lures them. More is required of them spirituality in their youth. I pray that God would manifest Himself to them in a way that they will desire to seek and truly love Him on their own. I pray God will fill their hearts with songs of His praises all the days of their lives. I pray that Wayne and I be the best and most visible witnesses to who Jesus is in the lives of our children.

    I pray that Jasmine, Justin, and Jerald will not succumb to the cares and or influences of this world. Father baptize them in thy word and manifested presence that they will not just be obedient be be transformed. You know the prayers of my heart and soul though my lips does not utter them. Have my my heart this day and forevermore. Have my children always and forevermore in Jesus name.

  22. Juan Soler

    Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami.
    Thank you!

  23. N. Thompson

    Please pray for my wife, and father. My wife is having an issue with her kidneys and high blood pressure. My father has been battling prostate cancer for over 10 years and while his health has taken a turn for the worse and his mental state is weak. Please pray for my entire family, that God will strengthen during this time. For all of us to stay positive and know God is in control.

  24. Kimmie Hamilton

    Please pray for my co-worker Fred’s wife Robin. The Dr. found a spot on her cervix and she will have a procedure this week to have it biopsied. Victory is in your hands Lord! You are our Savior and Healer. We rebuke all cancers in the name of Jesus!

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