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Summary of Benefits

Preaching & Teaching: Comprehensively showing you how God’s Word impacts your world!

The first distinctive of Destiny will be the uniqueness of our preaching & teaching. Its nature will be Edifying, Encouraging, Engaging, Educationally Sound, Expository, & Exciting. The Holy Scripture will be our final answer; and we will strive to give real people real answers from God’s divine Word. We hope to make Sunday morning in the church a more exciting time than Friday night in the world.


Relationships: People that genuinely care about your spiritual health!

Connections will be our lifeblood. Every member will be encouraged to connect to other likeminded believers so that they may all move closer to God, to each other, and to their own purposes & destiny. Authenticity will characterize our small groups. They will be a place where people can know, love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated.


Impactful Ministries: A Church that takes your time as serious as you do!

The various ministries Destiny will incorporate will be distinctly purposeful. They will cultivate an environment where life change is the norm (Luke 4:16). We will meet people where they are and help move them closer to Christ. Our ministries will not only equip people to address pressing needs individually, but also train and develop them to do ministry corporately. The ministries at Destiny will minister to the whole individual.


Children & Youth: Preparing the next generation today!

The Children & Youth Ministries at Destiny will partner with families to encourage, build, and invest into their greatest assets. We will facilitate children developing a good attitude about faith as we teach them about the major people, places, and themes of the Bible. However, it will not stop there, as we will encourage family values and create an atmosphere where children can develop both socially and spiritually. We are excited about potential in your child and partnering with you towards their future.


Excellence in Worship & Approach: More than doing something – something worth doing!

Out pathway to power will begin with prayer! We expect and will prepare for God to show up in mighty ways. Our worship will be sensible, awe-inspiring, winsome, energetic, and experiential. We will engage all of your senses through the creativity of God as expressed through the fine arts. We will endeavor to worship in diverse ways because we are a diverse people.


Shepherding: More than a number, you are a name, a friend, a family member!

This vital aspect of our church involves leadership intentionally building relationships with and providing spiritual care of our members. The church leadership will provide protection from spiritual dangers and present pathways toward spiritual growth. People will be valued and accepted based on their potential –  not their past.


Evangelism: Touching people with the love and power of the Gospel!

We will intentionally introduce people far from God to Christ is the core function of this area. Our dream is that members are so filled with the joy of Christ that they regularly share and compel their sphere of influence to come to Christ.


Medical Assistance: Helping people be healthy in this life!

We will be healthcare ambassadors by providing education and basic intervention at our local church. We will aggressively encourage our membership to be screened regularly for common health indicators. The current plight for affordable healthcare leaves many Americans without healthcare. This is further complicated by the fear of many people to visit a doctor’s office.


Education Partnership:  Shaping the moral character of the young generation!

We will be strategic in helping educators succeed in their endeavor to train the next generation of society. Our goal is to help produce better educated children that will result in a better society and fewer adults in the prison system. We will determine ways to support the efforts of administrators in providing faith training.


Racial Reconciliation: Loving and serving with the entire body of Christ!

We will be proactive in representing the multi ethnic and racial realities of God’s universal church. This will include partnering for strategic service projects, joint services, and missions initiatives.


Global Missions: Touching the world from Fort Worth!

We will encourage and facilitate every member of Destiny Church annually participating in a local, national, and/or international mission project. God desires to see every believer involved in expanding the Kingdom by discipling all nations.


Economic Empowerment: Leaving an inheritance for our grandchildren!

We will encourage and provide practical tools for members to leave an inheritance for their children’s children. God is not only interesting in individuals being responsible in their generation but for their children’s generation as well. God wants all people to have a multigenerational financial plan.