Life Groups Discover Destiny Church


What is our dream for your small group experience?

Our goal is to help you live spiritually disciplined lives.  As part of the group experience, our dream is for every group to…

  1. Grow in Relationship with Jesus Christ (Lordship) To provide a place where you can experience God in an authentic way through Christ-centered relationships. This is not a substitute but a supplement to regular Sunday worship experiences.
  2. Care for Fellow Believers in Jesus Christ (Relationship) To build healthy relationships with one another in the context of committed Christ-centered relationships (I.e. Biblical community).  This includes but is not limited to going out of your way to help others in your group as the Holy Spirit leads and directs. This is a powerful testimony to those who do not have a relationship with Christ that are part of your group.
  3. Make Disciples for Jesus Christ (Discipleship) To intentionally encourage others to follow Christ as a lifestyle and to demonstrate how the Christian life is LIVED.
  4. Serve in Your God-given Ministry (Stewardship) To help each individual discover their gifts and use them by serving together on a regular basis within and beyond Destiny Church
  5. Share the Message of Jesus Christ (Stewardship) To provide a place where every group member learns how to share the Gospel with those who don’t know Christ.  Group members will pray for and encourage each other as God provides sharing opportunities.

What is the purpose of LIFE GROUP?

Our commitment at Destiny Church is to see you reach your divine destiny. In other words, we desire to see you maximize your life in Christ. We believe that you can do many things alone but growing spiritually is not one of them. God has designed us to grow and glow for His glory in the context of Christ Centered relationships. The best athletes work out with other similar caliber athletes to get better, so it is with reaching your spiritual goals, it will not happen without making time to build Christ centered relationships.

Should I participate in Small Groups or Attend Church?

Participating in small groups is a vehicle to live out your commitment to the Church and Christ. In our society vitamin supplements are extremely popular; however, supplements are never intended to substitute for the main course. Based on this illustration, Corporate Worship is the main course and small groups are the supplements. They are designed to work together, not apart from one another.

What can I expect in a typical group?

You can expect a shepherd that takes the initiative to point you toward your resources in Christ, Destiny Church, and fellow believers. These groups of 6 to 15 people seek personal application of the Bible to their lives, pray for one another, enjoy the fellowship and personal support of other believers, and serve the Lord through ministry.

What if I would like to serve on the Small Group Team?

For this to be a reality, it takes a team of committed leaders.  It takes men, women, and couples of every age and life stage investing in each other so that groups flourish and truly impact lives.

Who will lead be leading the groups?

At Destiny, we refer to those that are committed to our small group philosophy, competent in the Scriptures, and compassionate for people, and genuinely care for people as Shepherds. Each group is led by a Shepherd who has been trained to effectively lead small groups. Each group has an apprentice leader who is learning how to facilitate a group and who ultimately will lead a group of their own.  Each group has a coach who is investing in and caring for the group leader.

What’s the duration of a group?

Our model is for people to build long term relationships with others.  We understand that people will not be in groups forever.  However, we ask that each group meet for one complete semester before seeking another group. In the e vent your group is helping you maximize your life in Christ we ask you to continue. If not, we ask that you seek out another group that may better fit your need at the time. We just ask that you give the relationship seeds time to germinate and be cultivated before finding a new place to plant it.

Does participation in groups imply that I am “Needy” person?

No, participation in a group is more a sign of a “healthy” Christian than a “needy” Christian. God included two words in Scripture that underscore this reality-“One Another.” These two words are words that biblically symbolize the unique relationship that Christ followers share in Christ.

Childcare-Do you help with the little ones?

At this time it is not possible for us to provide childcare and have the flexibility for groups to meet at a time that is most effective for their group. We encourage each participant to work out a solution for their group.

How frequently do we meet? Where? Time?

  1. Meet weekly on Wednesdays at Bible Study at 7pm
  2. Meet in homes or designated locations
  3. Groups will meet for 12 weeks in both Fall and Spring

Okay, I’m Ready-Where do I sign up?

Fill out a connection card or go to “The Spot” after each service. You can also sign up online here.